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In a Word: The Power of The Word

Posted on January 7, 2013 at 3:45 pm

No, this is not gospel.

But, for 2013 companies can think about meeting their goals through the focus and power of one word.

And, no, we do not know your word.

But, we just read a Fast Company post by Wall Street Journal reporter, Jon Gordon.

He noted the following: “My friends Dan Britton and Jimmy Page told me how each year for the past 15 years they chose a word that would be a driving force in their lives and work. No goals. No Resolutions. Just One Word.”

Perhaps that is why we see entire football teams in their pre-game huddle chanting one word together:  For example: “Team.”  It reminds all the players they are part of something bigger.

Gordon noted that The Atlanta Falcons’ word was “finish,” because head coach, Mike Smith wanted the team to finish strong in everything they did.  The Falcons ended the season with the NFL’s best record.

Also, think of the power of single words: hope, peace, love, win – each evokes images, memories and perhaps is motivational.

The single word also reminds us of the power of simplicity.  We can all rally around simple terms, simple goals, and simple ideas.

So, in the coming year, in thinking about your goals for you and your company, consider finding the word that will help empower you to your dreams for 2013.

With that, you and your organization will have “purpose:” a word worth considering.  Now, go ahead, find your right word.