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Horse Whispering in the Workplace?

Just as horses read intentions, so do people — and kindness is good for any relationship. As Bob advises, “Don’t put your purpose before your connection.” TARA BENNETT-GOLEMAN is the author of “Mind Whispering: A New Map to Freedom From Self-Defeating Emotional Habits.” Read more>>>

Onboarding 101

When you join a new organization and meet new people—onboarding, in the parlance of our times—you can’t help but form a new social identity. Can such an experience be made less anxiety-inducing? In a new paper, Harvard Business School prof Francesca Gino and two coauthors say yes. Here’s how. Read More>>>

Tips For Being A Successful Leader

From Forbes: The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day Read More>>>

One Focus:
Recruitment of media & entertainment executives who drive business results … no matter what the business

What: ML Search Partners is the one executive search firm that continues to be instrumental in finding key media and entertainment executives that build successful companies.

We work on executive roles in marketing, creative, programming and general management for media, entertainment, technology and brand clients.

Who: Those rare executives that engage consumers and customers build market share, audience share, and mind share and know how to leverage them into high-margin revenue streams and new revenue opportunities.

How: We employ our unique search process, Future Performance Process, to assure our client-partners can land those great performers. Our team of seasoned, search experts has an intuitive sense for screening the leaders that are the right match to meet our clients’ key challenges.

Our promise is simple: our best work, our deep industry insights, and honest answers to partner in your success.