People Matter

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Learn How Leading Companies Build Workforces for the Future

The World Economic Forum predicts that “by 2020, more than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet considered crucial to the job today.”more…

How to be an Inspiring Leader

When employees aren’t just engaged, but inspired, that’s when organizations see real breakthroughs. Inspired employees are themselves far more productive and, in turn, inspire those around them to strive for greater heights….  

Horse Whispering in the Workplace?

Just as horses read intentions, so do people — and kindness is good for any relationship. As Bob advises, “Don’t put your purpose before your connection.” TARA BENNETT-GOLEMAN is the author of “Mind Whispering: A New Map to Freedom From Self-Defeating Emotional Habits.” Read more>>>

Double Intelligence

Search is a mission in intelligence

Market Intelligence:
Part of our process is to provide clients with an outside perspective and intelligence around trends, the marketplace, competitors and specific feedback about their company. In addition to providing invaluable information to our clients, this up-to-the-minute intelligence feeds our recruiting strategy over the course of the search.

Candidate Intelligence: Our sole focus is to discover and place great talent. We strive to uncover their pluses and minuses to ensure that we are providing our clients with a complete picture of a candidate’s hard and soft skills. We pride ourselves on preventing any surprises after the hire which necessitates going beyond the traditional reference checks.