People Matter Underscores That Content is King

Posted on July 30, 2012 at 3:01 pm

In a recent post entitled, Not Enough People Dug Diggwe are reminded that content is king.

In the end, why does having reader’s vote on what news goes on the front page not work? Simple-they are not qualified.

Oddly enough this is apparent when we watch shows like “American Idol.”  Voting for contestants by the public does not begin until the final 12.  Before that, the judges make the call.

The same is true with news.  The editor makes the call.  Is he/she always right? – absolutely not.  But the editor, the producer and the director all arrive on the scene with a sixth sense more powerful than a computer.  That sense: judgment.

So, as tech companies become content providers, remember that the latest technology does not get you eyeballs or sales.  Great content wins the day.

I have been talking to many technology execs that are misjudging the power of judgment. 

People get bored with a high tech, sci-fi filled story with cool eye candy and no plot.

Pyrotechnics on Broadway are a fleeting moment; the musical’s book lasts a lifetime.

Cool technical functionality without consumer engagement does not capture long-term market share.

Yet great content that cannot be accessed when, where, and how the viewer dictates will fail.

It is a new yin-yang world of digital content.  As the yin needs the yang, the technology needs the content – which is still king.