People Matter


Posted on May 1, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Welcome to the ML Search site and our blog “Content Matters.”

In these writings we will look at the new demands on media and entertainment executives in a converged world.

As we all know, the challenges have never been greater to find a share of voice, share of mind, and just plain old audience share.

Beyond the world of minute-to-minute ratings is how to engage the audience on multiple platforms.

Plus, in our new world of self-publishing and companies creating their own content, there is new competition. It means that the war for great creative and executive talent has never been greater and the stakes never higher.

In the end, what really matters? Our belief is content. Engaging content and engaging media platforms are the keys to engaging the audience.

We will comment on the new media and entertainment world and what is next. Our goal is that together we create a dialogue, share ideas on the huge executive talent opportunities that lie ahead, and highlight the ones that are making the difference.