People Matter

Social Media Manager’s Social Gap

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 8:46 pm

In our world of media and entertainment, we might be abuzz about Lisa Hsai or theAudience – BUT

The dichotomy of social media executives is based on one fact: what makes you a great social media person does not make you a great socializer in person. Tweeting from behind the wall of an electronic device is not the same as standing in the boardroom and selling an idea.

In hundreds of interviews with hundreds of executives, only 2% of social media managers know how to socialize their ideas to the top.

Clearly Lisa Hsai knows how to socialize her ideas inside the company – sell them into the C-Suite and make a bottom line difference.

Yet, getting social media to make a difference is a two-way street. First someone needs to know how to present ideas on new social platforms to the top – then management needs to tear down the walls.

Closing the social media gap is not easy and is the timeworn generation-gap problem in business. We all know which media and entertainment companies right now are resistant to change and those that are cashing in on change.

So, what can companies do? For starters, create venues for social media ideas to be presented in person – not on a device.

It is a start to devise a new way to get ideas to the top.