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Microsoft Goes Apple-Microsoft After Nancy Tellem

Posted on June 27, 2012 at 9:43 pm

I just read two articles, one from CNET and the other from – both on Microsoft. 

The story, Microsoft In Talks With Nancy Tellem For Top Entertainment Post,   is related to the CNET story, As Microsoft retools, Ballmer has chance to rewrite his CEO legacy.  In fact, Microsoft is racing to become an entertainment company.  And Ballmer is showing that with Microsoft’s new Surface tablet and Xbox, it is going to connect directly with consumers.

While Microsoft is supposedly in talks with Tellum, the CBS TV executive and now CBS consultant to lead Microsoft’s expanded efforts in entertainment; Ballmer may be forging ahead to make the company look and feel more like Apple — an end-to-end entertainment and information experience.

Ballmer is turning Microsoft upside down, but the migration of entertainment execs to the leading tech companies is turning NYC and Hollywood upside down.

It is a new talent war for eyeballs on new platforms.  By the way, has anyone scratched the surface on the new Microsoft Surface tablet?